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As one of the few people in the State of California with my unique background, I am capable of looking at pedagogical or workforce problems through a variety of lenses. My strong research-based knowledge in topics of education in general and neurodiversity in particular makes me well suited when you need someone to think outside of the box while still keeping in mind that implementation must occur within the bounds of an educational institution.

I have provided my expertise in numerous venues, speaking on topics such as:


Exit IEP Meetings

Bringing together parents, instructors, administrators, and students who often have years of established relationships can be difficult when it comes time to end that relationship. The familiarity can lead to tunnel vision. As an unbiased outsider with both practical and academic expertise on the subject of college transition, I can often provide the clarity needed to take those next steps with confidence.

Staff Meetings & PTA Meetings

Whether I am speaking about programs with which I am familiar or about more general transitional topics, I love speaking to both special- and general-education faculty and staff, administration, and parents.

Retreats and Fairs

I have experience presenting to disparate groups of fewer than ten to over 100 on a variety of topics. I enjoy interactive presentations that encourage audience participation, and pride myself on building a vibe where people feel comfortable engaging openly.

note - If you are an individual or a nonprofit organization I generally do not charge for any of this unless you wish to throw money my way.